Blue-Grey Army, Inc. Policy Statement:

The Blue-Grey Army was first incorporated in December, 1978. Stated within the Articles of incorporation, as well as the organization's By-laws, is that the primary purpose of the Blue-Grey Army is to increase the knowledge of its members and the public about the historical events of the Battle of Olustee.

Among the purposes shall be the promotion and presentation of various festival events from time to time and which shall show honor to all veterans of the War Between the States, the encouragement of the study and knowledge of history, teaching of the horror of war, and the promotion of the United States. Additionally, support will be given to the local historical museum. A basic tenet of the Blue-Grey Army is that war is not something we celebrate, but it is something we should remember.

While on occasion, one might wonder if the organization or the re-enactment might further the cause of those who flew the rebel flag, that is not the purpose. The name "Blue-Grey" should be the first clue to representing both the North and South, or the Federal and Confederacy. Yes, we may play "Dixie" from time to time, that is because we are in the south and it represents the local heritage. However, as we conduct our annual memorial service at Oaklawn Cemetery, we remember all that gave their lives in this Florida battle and fought so gallantly.

Neither the Blue-Grey Army, nor the re-enactment, suggest "The South will rise again," but just a history lesson that the battle was fought by men on both sides who stood for important causes to them, many having made the ultimate sacrifice. Yes, the Confederates may have won the Battle of Olustee, but America won the war.

The Blue-Grey Army and organizers of the re-enactment have been sensitive to how the annual event is perceived and has successfully confirmed to demonstrate the horrors of war, our heritage and local history. This has been helped and promoted by the participation of local African Americans within our organization and those who participate with the re-enactment as part of the famous 54th Massachusetts Regiment, whose valor and honor has been chronicled in history and further publicized in the movie "Glory."