We feel that due to several comments from spectators as well as some participants that we need to address certain issues. While most military re-enactment units conduct themselves correctly, there are some who occasionally forget they are in uniform. Be proud of the soldier you portray and the uniform you wear.

  1. All military units will march as such, ie: squad, platoon, company, regiment, etc. and keep in step
  2. No wandering out of formation to visit spectators, please!
  3. The crowd would like to see more show of the manual of arms.
  4. All musket firing will be done at safe elevation, 45 degrees, no wadding. 60 - 70 grains maximum load.
  5. All re-loading and firing should be done on command of the OIC, in unison (no random firing.)
  6. The first unit following the color guard will stay 10 paces to the rear of the guard.

The Blue/Grey Army and the citizens of Lake City wishes everyone a great event. Be careful, and lets make this the best Olustee Festival ever.

Respectfully submitted
Bud Thayer
Military Liaison Officer