A float is defined as a flatbed trailer propelled by a motor vehicle, including automobile, truck, or tractor. The float must be at least 8 feet wide and 10 feet long with a maximum height of 14" from the street level.

Parade entries are to be fully decorated with approved float materials, consisting of flowers, natural vegetation, tinsel, float paper, or similar materials. A vehicle bearing the name of a business will not qualify as a parade entry unless it is fully decorated.

Decorations shall cover all sides of the parade entry including exposed flatbed parts, tires and wheels.

Floats should bare the name of the Business, School or other sponsoring organization on both sides of the apron in letters clearly visible from 10 feet away.

Tractors, trucks and other tow vehicles must be clean, attractive and quiet running vehicles.

Float riders should serve a useful function to the overall theme and should be attired in appropriate costumes. Children must be at least 9 years of age to ride on a float, and should remain on the float at all times during the parade. Requests to make and exception to this rule must be submitted with this application.

Floats must have proper safety chains to connect the float to the tow vehicle. A float description and pictures or sketches must be provided to the Parade Committee of the Blue-Grey Army with this application. Changes made prior to the parade must be approved by the Blue-Grey Army Parade Committee. Floats and Parade units will be reviewed prior to the parade. Parade Committee will remove any unit in the parade that is deemed to be inappropriate or un-safe. Floats or sponsoring organizations must have proof of current liability insurance coverage on-board the float.

Items to be given away during the parade are limited to: coins, tokens, beads, hard wrapped candy, or plastic cups. All items must be stated in this application and approved prior the parade.

Parade participants may not distribute brochures, tracts, advertisements, or printed materials of any kind or hand made candy or other food items.

Throwing from floats or vehicles is strictly prohibited. Souvenirs may be tossed into the crowd by persons walking with the units only. Violations of parade throw rules will result in immediate removal from the parade route.

Approved horse units or animals that serve a specific function, (i.e. horse and carriage, pony and cart, or horse used by a costumed rider) are the only animals permitted in the parade. While the Parade Organizers have arranged for "pooper scoopers" to be located at "strategic" locations throughout the parade, if your horse driven unit requires an additional cleanup crew, you may be instructed to provide. You will need to confirm in advance with the Parade organizers.

Live or recorded music is recommended and encouraged for all entries. Open container and the consumption of alcoholic beverages in public areas before, during and after the parade is strictly prohibited.

Parade units with themes or displays based on social, political, or religious issues, or are controversial, inappropriate, or inconsistent with the spirit and image of The Blue - Grey Army, or parade units whose members engage in conduct that is considered controversial, in appropriate, or inconsistent with the spirit and image of the festival will not be permitted to participate in the parade. Parade units should be in place and ready for previewing by 9:30 a.m.

Units must maintain a safe distance behind the preceding unit. Parade units may not stop during the parade.

Parade units that stop along the parade route due to a mechanical malfunction may be removed from the parade. If the breakdown occurs before the unit reaches the judges'' platform, the unit will be automatically disqualified unless mobility is restored before the last unit in the parade passes it. If the breakdown occurs after the unit has been judged, the score shall stand. All motorized units in the parade will be checked for a full tank of gas before entering the line-up. Festival Queens and other court members may participate in the parade by riding on a float or in a decorated convertible car.

Radio Commentary

On a separate sheet of paper, please provide a written commentary no more than two paragraphs in length, that includes a description of the unit, the sponsoring organization, how the unit should be identified or announced in the parade line-up and any facts that you would like to have mentioned. The parade will be broadcast to the public during the parade.

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